Why You May Want to Consider Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

why you may ant to consider hand tied weft hair extensions

Hand tied weft hair extensions offer several advantages over bonded hair extensions. They are less costly and less damaging. In addition, they’re more flexible and natural looking. Let’s take a look at the reasons you may want to use extensions for your hair.

Less expensive

Hair extensions tied with a hand are more flexible than other hair extensions. This means less weight and density, which is ideal for hair that is thin and fragile. The hand-tied weaves are flexible enough to accommodate any head shape. They can also last up to 12 months.

Hand-tied weaves, however are more expensive than those tied by machines. They are more labor-intensive and take longer to tie. They also come with the cost of the stylist who installs them. Therefore, hand-tied wefts cost more than tape-in hair extensions.

Another difference between tape-in and hand-tied weft extensions is their installation time. Hand-tied extensions take longer time to install than those with tape-in extensions. Hand-tied hair extensions take between two to two and a half hours, while tape-in hair extensions generally require one to one and one-half hours.

Less damaging

Hand tied extensions are an easier and less damaging alternative to hair extensions that are traditional. They are a versatile choice that can be used on any type of hair. Because they are composed of hand-tied, thin wefts, they are less likely than natural hair to cause damage. They also allow your hair to grow naturally.

When selecting a hairstyle for hand-tied extensions, consider the length of your hair. The longer your hair is, the better. You might also want to cut off two to four inches to increase volume. This will give your hairstyle more volume and strength. Additionally beads help distribute the weight of the weft evenly.

Extensions tied by hand last longer between renewals. They are also easier to conceal once they’re growing out. They are less noticeable than tape-in extensions because they sit flat against the head. However, hand-tied hair extensions may not be suitable for women with fine hair. Hair extensions tied by hand are more expensive than tape-in ones. You should also consider how much time and money you’ll be spending at the salon. Hand-tied extensions are more expensive than tape-in ones. They range between $250-$500.

More flexible

Hair extensions tied by hand are more flexible than extensions that are taped in. Hairstylists place silicone beads into the hair prior to tying the extensions. This eases stress on natural hair and scalp. Additionally, hand-tied wefts are smooth and flexible.

Hand-tied wefts are made from multiple hair strands that are cut and tied together. This method makes sure that the hair is secured and does not shed. Wefts tied by hand look more full and blend into the natural color of the client’s hair. They are also flatter and thinner, laying closer to the scalp.

Hand-tied weft extensions are a cheaper alternative. These extensions can be introduced to clients who aren’t candidates for other extensions systems. Additionally, if the customer already has a natural hair type, they can be easily introduced to this kind of hair extension.


A stylist attaches hand-tied extensions to natural hair. The stylist first divides your hair into sections and then separate small sections at a time. Each section is tied using a silicone-lined hair bead. This forms a base for future expansions.

These extensions last longer than tape-in extensions. This is due to the fact that the wefts don’t have a glue that can be broken. The bonds used to attach extensions with tape will break after about eight to twelve months. Hand-tied wefts, on the other hand will be able to remain in place throughout the same period.

Hand-tied wefts also tend to be lighter and thinner than traditional wefts. This makes them appear more natural-looking. The thinness of the wefts allows them to lie flatter on the head. Hand-tied extensions require less weaving, which eases the burden on your hair’s natural hair.